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Two presentations by Jason Edward Lewis and Sakwennati, indigenous poets/artists/scholars from Concordia University, Montréal.

The P.o.E.M.M. Cycle (Poetry for Excitable [Mobile] Media)

Thursday, February 27


3:00 pm
Kuykendall 410

The P.o.E.M.M. Cycle (Poetry for Excitable [Mobile] Media) is a series of interactive touch text-works about making sense of crazy talk & kid talk, the meanings of different shades of purple, the conundrums of being a Cherokee boy adopted by Anglos and raised in northern California mountain country, and the import, each in four versions: large-scale wall, tablet and phone touch surfaces, plus printed text-images. All of the works in the P.o.E.M.M. cycle engage the question of how we talk to one another, how we locate ourselves in wider cultural geographies, how we authenticate ourselves against our own expectations and that of others, and how matters that are once seen as so vital—so essential—can later be regarded as contingent.

Building Aboriginal Territories in Cyberspace

skins workshop

Friday, February 28, 2014
2:30–4:00 PM
Harry Friedman Room
Saunders 624

Lewis and Skawennati, co-directors of Aboriginal Territories in Cyberspace (AbTeC), present several projects which demonstrate their attempts at creating Aboriginally determined spaces in the websites, video games, virtual worlds and other networked, non-physical places that we inhabit. They discuss the goals and outcomes of Skins, an award-winning workshop that teaches Aboriginal youth how to “translate” traditional and contemporary stories into video games, as well as TimeTraveller™, an award-winning machinima series following the adventures of a young Mohawk man from the 22nd century as he revisits events of importance to the First Nations of Turtle Island. They close by using the AbTeC experience to argue for the need to promote and support the Indigenous future imaginary.

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