Talk: The Possibilities of Technological Citizenship

Itty AbrahamCENTER FOR SOUTH ASIAN STUDIES SPRING SYMPOSIUM, “Brave New South Asia: Science, Technology and Society” 



Dr. Itty Abraham (National University of Singapore)

WHEN: April 15, 3 – 4:30 PM

WHERE: Center for Korean Studies


Citizenship, expressed in relation to technology, is typically framed by the technological subject’s encounter with the state.  In contexts where the state has always had a close relationship with technology – India — whether as a source of legitimacy or as a conscious medium of social transformation, citizenship appears as an impaired and limited political condition.  In this talk, I examine the prospects of an empowered technological citizenship beyond the parameters established by state power.  Following a review of India as a ‘technological society’ and the limits of citizenship entailed by sovereign, disciplinary, and biopolitical power, I turn to technologies that embody a very different kind of politics.  These technologies offer the possibility of a politics marked by social autonomy and ethical action due to their origins among marginal political subjects and a material technique that emphasizes processes characterized by iteration, learning, participation, and consultation.