Talk: On Collaboration in the Humanities and Arts

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On Collaboration in the Humanities and Arts: Mechanisms, Models, New Media

Kathleen Woodward

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Date: April 24. 2014
Time: 12:00pm—1:15pm
Location: POST 127

Collaboration has emerged as a keyword in higher education today, not so much supplanting the decades-long emphasis on “interdisciplinarity” as absorbing it. Woodward will discuss institutional mechanisms that catalyze collaboration as well as local, regional, and international models of collaborative research both across academic institutions and between the academy and community partners, including practices of public scholarship in sound studies, action research in gender and prison studies, digital archiving, and DOOCS (a distributed online collaborative course).


Public Lecture in the Humanities Initiative

Kathleen Woodward, Lockwood Professor in the Humanities and Professor of English, has served as Director of the Simpson Center for the Humanities since 2000. She is the author of Statistical Panic: Cultural Politics and Poetics of Emotions (2009), Aging and Its Discontents: Freud and Other Fictions (1991), and At Last, the Real Distinguished Thing: The Late Poems of Eliot, Pound, Stevens, and Williams (1980). She has published essays in the broad crossdisciplinary domains of the emotions, women and aging, and technology and culture in American Literary History, Discourse, differences, Generations, Indiana Law Journal, SubStance, Journal of Women’s History, Women’s Review of Books, South Atlantic Review, Studies in the Novel, and Cultural Critique. She is also the editor of Figuring Age: Women–Bodies–Generations (1999) and The Myths of Information: Technology and Postindustrial Culture (1980) as well as the coeditor of Memory and Desire: Aging–Literature- -Psychoanalysis (1986), The Technological Imagination: Theories and Fictions (1980), and Aging and the Elderly: Humanistic Perspectives in Gerontology (1978). From 1986-1995 she coedited Discourse: Journal for Theoretical Studies in Media and Culture. She is presently working on risk in the context of globalization and population aging.

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