Mapper’s Delight

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On September 29 we put out a call to all members of the DAHI community to gather and talk about mapping-related projects. In response we got a great cross-section of faculty and staff coming from English, the Library’s geospatial department, Pacific Island Studies, Information and Computer Sciences and a visitor from the University of Alberta, Canada. Using one project that sought to convert a successful Facebook community (Pidgin In Public) that tracks the appearance of pidgin in Hawaii’s visual environment (from business facades to T-shirts and bumper stickers) as a center of gravity, our hour-or-so meeting accomplished exactly the kind of boundary-crossing that the Initiative was founded to promote.

Going forward we’ll be directing faculty and students to the Library’s geospatial computer lab where they can integrate an archive of 150K+ maps with GIS, graphics and multimedia tools. We’ll keep you posted as we leverage the community success of Pidgin In Public into a hybrid resource that maintains the facility of Facebook’s front-end and connects it to a more rigorous set of tools for categorizing, sorting, logging and locating images. We look forward to mapping material and conceptual flows of language in Hawaii, and are particularly interested in the productive overlaps between the ways that sociolinguistics, geospatial studies and data ontologies use the terms “mapping” and “language.”

Respect to Tahir Hemphill for “lending” the phrase that became the title for this gathering.

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