Space Tension Reprise with a Twist

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ʻOlelelo Community TV has released several episodes of MemoryHouse:Dreams, the Technology and Dance performance that took place at Kennedy Theater at UH this past November. Episode 3, Space Tension, is a collaboration between Choreographer Peiling Kao, dancers Christine Maxwell and Ariel Gazarian, and DAHI director Rich Rath, who wrote the software for the virtual instrument that the dancers play with their bodies and motions to create the music. This project arose from conversations between Rich and Kara Miller, the director of the event (and founding DAHIan), at one of our DAHI lunchtime presentations.

At about 8:40 into the performance, Betsy Fisher, dance faculty, coaxed (without too much trouble actually) UH President David Lassner into the performance space, where they played the instrument for a good five minutes, being joined at about the 12 minute mark by Peiling. At a half hour long, you might not make it through the whole performance, but I promise an edited version of highlights with better sound, umm as soon as I am caught up…

Credit: Maseeh Ganjali, photographer

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