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Mapper’s Delight

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On September 29 we put out a call to all members of the DAHI community to gather and talk about mapping-related projects. In response we got a great cross-section of faculty and staff coming from English, the Library’s geospatial department, Pacific Island Studies, Information and Computer Sciences and a visitor from the University of Alberta, Canada. Using one project that

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Ice Cube 1964

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I have often wondered at the persistent relevance of “classic” records like Marvin Gaye’s “What’s Going On?” which was as significant for its technical achievements as it was for its social content and high levels of musicality. But what if the technical achievements, the very processes of virtualization that make modern music production and recording possible, are a part of what

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Donna Haraway, Staying with the Trouble

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The English Department Colloquium Series, in partnership with Revolution Books, is very pleased to invite you to join us as Donna Haraway, one of the major contemporary voices in science studies, human-animal studies, and literary and cultural theory will be reading from her new book, Staying with the Trouble: Making Kin in the Chthulucene, Tuesday Sept. 13 at 3:00 in

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DAHI/Library DHGetDown

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The first DHGetDown was a resounding success.  We had a full house. If you were not able to attend and wanted to, please accept my apologies, we had a far greater response than we had expected and we accommodated as many people as we were able.  The keynote panel video and some other conference materials are available at DAHI’s  ScholarSpace.  The

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The Shadow Archive, Pt. 1

DAHI Admin/ October 11, 2015/ Events, Research/ 1 comments

I attended the Digital Caucus of the American Studies Association’s panel, The Shadow Archive: Digital (Re)Assemblages of Ephemera at the ASA annual meeting last week. The four papers were uniformly excellent and this panel was one of the highlights of the conference for me. The theme of the panel was photographer and theorist Allan Sekula’s idea of the “shadow archive,” the all-inclusive social

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Scott Groeniger Goes Full META for DAHI

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On Tuesday September 8, the members of the Digital Arts and Humanities Initiative gathered in the Art Department Gallery to hear faculty member Scott Groeniger discuss his solo exhibit: META (8/24 – 9/18).This set of works explore his engagement with issues of colonization, technological development, mapping, and ideology. Scott talked to attendees about his process, which involves a detailed and sometimes

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An Archive of Silence

DAHI Admin/ October 1, 2015/ Arts.Humanities.Data, Research/ 2 comments

Both archives and silences take many shapes, and poet Julia Wieting, a PhD student in English here at UH Mānoa, has turned her art toward auditioning an archive of silences rooted in poetry and place.  She has created a chapbook with poems written at seven places around campus, contemplating the sounds and silences of each.  Wieting is drawing on the

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Free Textbooks for Students: A Look at Open Educational Resources in the UH System

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The best reading, for the largest number, at the least cost. — American Library Association Motto, Originally Adopted in 1892 Librarians believe in the equity of access, eliminating the barriers often seen with a lack of income, knowledge, or training. The Internet has acted as an agent toward greater equalization. With a few clicks of a mouse or a swipe

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The Perils and Promise of Online Teaching

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American Studies is hosting a forum on the perils and promise of online teaching this comingFriday, April 24 at 3:00 pm in Webster 101. Faculty and graduate students interested in getting started or improving their online teaching are invited to attend. The forum is being organized in concert with Information Technology Services and Mānoa’s Center for Teaching excellence and will

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