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ART.HUMANITIES.DATA is DAHI’s video blog that features interviews with our members, focusing visual and performing arts and the digital. We integrate dialog with samples of the work that the subject is doing, blending an intentionally skin-of-the-teeth shooting aesthetic with an editing approach that evokes the now-classic styles what theorist Laura U Marks calls “intercultural cinema.”

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Kelsey Kato/ July 1, 2017/ Arts.Humanities.Data/ 4 comments

On June 12, 2016, social media was a chaotic twister of emotions: worry, suspense, grief, and anger, amongst others, whirled around the internet as news reports confirmed 49 deaths and 53 injuries at Pulse Night Club; the worst mass shooting in America to date. A little over a year later, as queer souls dance through the end of Pride Month,

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Space Tension Reprise with a Twist

DAHI Admin/ February 20, 2017/ Arts.Humanities.Data, Events, News, Video/ 0 comments

We have some wonderful video from SpaceTension, DAHI’s recent collaboration with the Dance Program.  DAHI director Rich Rath, wrote the software for the virtual instrument that the dancers play with their bodies and motions to create the music that they are dancing to. This project arose from Rich’s long-time work on the software, and a conversation Kara Miller, professor of Dance,

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An Archive of Silence

DAHI Admin/ October 1, 2015/ Arts.Humanities.Data, Research/ 2 comments

Both archives and silences take many shapes, and poet Julia Wieting, a PhD student in English here at UH Mānoa, has turned her art toward auditioning an archive of silences rooted in poetry and place.  She has created a chapbook with poems written at seven places around campus, contemplating the sounds and silences of each.  Wieting is drawing on the

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Video Interview: Rod Bengston

DAHI Admin/ July 31, 2014/ Arts.Humanities.Data, Video/ 0 comments

Our series of interviews continues with Director of University Art Galleries & John Young Museum of Art at University of Hawaii at Manoa, Rod Bengston. Rod shares some of his history working with digital media from the perspective of the arts, and cites artist-technologists Golan Levin and Philomène Longpré as influences. He also talks about the first exhibition in the

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Video Interview: Ara Feducia

DAHI Admin/ July 10, 2014/ Arts.Humanities.Data, Video/ 0 comments

Our series of interviews continues with University of Hawaii at Manoa graphic design instructor Ara Feducia. With a nod to digital pioneers like April Greiman, Ara compresses design history to prepare us for the idea of infinite resolution: a near future of design communication that is no longer limited by the two dimensional real estate of the page… we will

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Video Interview: Peter Chamberlain

DAHI Admin/ March 31, 2014/ Arts.Humanities.Data, Video/ 0 comments

Get to know some of the folks involved in the UH Manoa Digital Arts and Humanities Initiative. We kick off this series of short interviews with electronic media and expanded arts professor Peter Chamberlain of the Art Department. Peter talks about the transition from analog to digital media in the arts, his own recent show at the Honolulu Museum of

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