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The Shadow Archive, Pt. 1

DAHI Admin/ October 11, 2015/ Events, Research/ 1 comments

I attended the Digital Caucus of the American Studies Association’s panel, The Shadow Archive: Digital (Re)Assemblages of Ephemera at the ASA annual meeting last week. The four papers were uniformly excellent and this panel was one of the highlights of the conference for me. The theme of the panel was photographer and theorist Allan Sekula’s idea of the “shadow archive,” the all-inclusive social

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An Archive of Silence

DAHI Admin/ October 1, 2015/ Arts.Humanities.Data, Research/ 2 comments

Both archives and silences take many shapes, and poet Julia Wieting, a PhD student in English here at UH Mānoa, has turned her art toward auditioning an archive of silences rooted in poetry and place.  She has created a chapbook with poems written at seven places around campus, contemplating the sounds and silences of each.  Wieting is drawing on the

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Karen Jolly’s Slow Scholarship

kljolly/ July 23, 2014/ Research/ 0 comments

This summer I attended two very different conferences in my field, where I gave two inter-related papers reflecting on the processes of scholarship in a digital world. The first conference, in Cambridge, was a small one of specialists in early English history, Writing Britain, 500-1500.  My paper, “Inscribing Identity:  Northumbrian Old English and Latin in Dialogue,” addressed two of the

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The RASRL papers, moving beyond the walls

chriskk/ May 31, 2014/ Research/ 0 comments

These two maps are from “My Neighborhood Back Home,” a paper written by an undergraduate enrolled in an introductory sociology course at the University of Hawai’i and now part of the Romanzo Adams Social Research Laboratory (RASRL) collection housed at Hamilton Library archives.  This Maui resident’s response to a course assignment to describe and illustrate her neighborhood is one of

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DigiA&H at TechLogic Conference

DAHI Admin/ April 4, 2014/ Events, Research, Uncategorized/ 0 comments

As a part of the TechLogic mini-conference at UH Manoa, two members of the Initiative did short presentations based on their experiences teaching “Digital America,”(AMST 334)  in the department of American Studies. Sean Trundle – “Gamifying Digital America” Trundle’s presentation gave an overview of how he experimented with “gamification” (the integration of competitive and rewards-driven mechanisms into everyday tasks) in

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Edison Diamond Disks

hearon/ September 27, 2013/ Research/ 0 comments

Posted by Jim Hearon The Edison Diamond Disks and Dirk Vogel’s Hawaiian Music Collection Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration. –Thomas A. Edison Gregg Geary is the Music Librarian and Head of Sinclair Library and helped facilitate the purchase of the Dirk Vogel audio collection, and the acquisition of the James Cathro audio collection.  He has written

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Scribal Performance

kljolly/ September 25, 2013/ Research/ 0 comments

Posted by Karen Jolly, Department of History In 2005 I had an NEH Fellowship to work on a particular, and rather peculiar, tenth-century manuscript from northern England.  Durham Cathedral Library A.IV.19, its archival name, is a unique compilation of religious texts written by multiple scribes in a rather hodgepodge fashion, including an extraordinary gloss translating the Latin prayers into Old

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