The world of humpback whales a special edition DVD

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Enter the world of the endangered humpback whale as it forages for food in the rich waters of coastal Alaska. Witness lone and cooperative bubble net feeding up close as these leviathans struggle to capture one ton of food each day. Travel with scientists in their quest for information about this marine mammal's numbers, behaviors, and habitats in hopes of creating a better world to live in for the humpback whale. From the cold nutrient-rich waters of Alaska to the sub-tropical conditions of Hawaii, experience the amazing world of this endangered species with marine research naturalist Brent Nixon. Brent draws upon over twenty-five years of actual up close experiences with these gentle giants to give you a presentation full of current information given in a humorous and dramatic style.
The world of humpback whales a special edition DVD
Location Hawai'i
Year 2008
Producer Nixon, Brent.
Distributor Brent Nixon
Library Nixon2008s