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Mark Coniglio Interactive Dance and New Media Workshop

Rich Rath/ October 3, 2016/ Events/ 0 comments

Tuesday, October 4, 201610:30-11:45amFree of Charge. UHM students and community members welcome!Dance Building Room 100UHM (by Maile Way)Recognized as a pioneering force in the integration of dance and media, Berlin based composer/media artist Mark Coniglio, creates large-scale performance works that integrate music, dance, theater and interactive media. His first technological breakthrough came in 1989 when he created MidiDancer, a wireless

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Ice Cube 1964

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I have often wondered at the persistent relevance of “classic” records like Marvin Gaye’s “What’s Going On?” which was as significant for its technical achievements as it was for its social content and high levels of musicality. But what if the technical achievements, the very processes of virtualization that make modern music production and recording possible, are a part of what

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Prototyping the Past and the Early History of Magnetic Recording with Jentery Sayers

Rich Rath/ April 12, 2016/ Events/ 2 comments

  We have a series of exciting events coming up the week of April 17 with University of Victoria’s Jentery Sayers, who is doing some amazing and thought provoking work in Digital Humanities. One introduces the idea of creating material prototypes of objects from the past using 3D printing, and the other is a “hidden history” of early magnetic sound

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An Archive of Silence

DAHI Admin/ October 1, 2015/ Arts.Humanities.Data, Research/ 2 comments

Both archives and silences take many shapes, and poet Julia Wieting, a PhD student in English here at UH Mānoa, has turned her art toward auditioning an archive of silences rooted in poetry and place.  She has created a chapbook with poems written at seven places around campus, contemplating the sounds and silences of each.  Wieting is drawing on the

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#EthnoDigital Sonics no. 2: Beatmaker Scott Ohtoro

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Where: Campus Center Courtyard When: Thurs. March 12, 12 noon to 1:30 As part of the 2015 Department of Ethnic Studies Conference the Digital Arts and Humanities Initiative continues its #EthnoDigitalSonics events with beatmaker Scott Ohtoro. With the goal of inspiring students to leverage aspects of the contemporary culture they take for granted, David Goldberg will be interviewing Ohtoro about the

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#EthnoDigitalSonics no. 1.

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Digi A&H will cosponsor two events at  Kakaʿako Agora this week  featuring Tahir Hemphill, of the Rap Research Lab in the Bronx, perhaps best known for his Hip Hop Word Count database project which mines Rap lyrics for cultural references and networks of ideas. See “Picasso Baby” for an example that relates rappers’ lyrics to famous contemporary artists. Tahir Hemphill is

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Qi motion to music machine

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Performance can take some interesting turns.  Performativity comes from the idea that your performances and utterances do not just say something but do something in the world.  The past two Friday nights, as part of the preliminaries for the fiftieth anniversary dance concert at UH Mānoa’s Kennedy Theater, dance professor Kara Miller invited History professor Richard Rath to set up

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Edison Diamond Disks

hearon/ September 27, 2013/ Research/ 0 comments

Posted by Jim Hearon The Edison Diamond Disks and Dirk Vogel’s Hawaiian Music Collection Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration. –Thomas A. Edison Gregg Geary is the Music Librarian and Head of Sinclair Library and helped facilitate the purchase of the Dirk Vogel audio collection, and the acquisition of the James Cathro audio collection.  He has written

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